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Islamic University Madinah Scholarship

Saudi Arabia - Al Madinah Islamic University provides scholarships for high school graduates with diplomas is not more than five years to study at one of five faculties in the UIM.
Islamic University of Madinah (al-Islamiyya bil Jami'ah al-Madina al-Munawwarah) was established on 25-3-1381 H (6-9-1961), ie during the reign of King Su'ud bin Abdul Aziz Alu Su'ud .

The first Rector was Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim (the Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Baz (the Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and is currently chaired by Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Ali al-'Uqla.

Curricula are simmering by leading scholars of the Islamic world, and currently has five faculties, namely:
Faculty of Sharia.
Faculty of Da'wa and Usul al-Din.
Faculty of Quran and Dirasat Islamiyya.
Faculty of Hadith and Dirasat Islamiyya.
Faculty of Arabic Language.

UIM also oversees the three junior high schools and three high school-level schools. According to the bulletin Akhbarul Jami'ah, UIM is planning to pioneer the science faculty of general and specialized college coed opens.

Islamic University of Medina was a gift from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Muslim youth around the world. Until the year 1429 AH (2008 AD), this university has graduated from S1 degree 20 385 147
countries, 74% of them from outside Saudi Arabia, and 968 masters and 621 doctoral degrees, 47% of them from outside Saudi Arabia. For Indonesia in particular, the UIM has spawned S1 828 undergraduate, 19 masters, and eight doctoral degrees.

The form of scholarships

The form of scholarships offered are complete S1 program at no charge. For those not ready to follow language courses 1-2 years, and for those interested, open up the opportunity to continue
S3 programs. In addition, there are many facilities given to students who received, among others:
Unlawful residence in the land of opportunity and learn to scholars Haramain.
Opportunity to run hajj and umrah.
Flights departure from the country of origin to Medina.
Return ticket to home country every year end holidays.
Mukafaah (monthly allowance) is sufficient, so they can escape the responsibility of parents.
Badal polar (book purchase allowance) every year.
Badal imtiyaz (incentive for winning the title Mumtaz / cum laude) every year.
Badal thiba'ah (thesis and dissertation printing allowances)
Boarding a comfortable and conducive.
Health services at the hospital campus.
Transportation from campus to pickup every day of Nabawi Mosque

General Requirements
Muslim and behave.
Commitment to obey the rules of UIM.
As well as physically.
Pass an exam or done muqabalah UIM party.
Has a diploma from a public school or accredited private (mu'adalah) from the UIM. Means, certificates of public schools in Indonesia do not need accreditation.
Ready to learn fully.
Comply with any requirements that may be determined UIM when applying for a scholarship.

S1 course entry requirements
Having a high school diploma or equivalent.
Age certificates not more than five years.
Never drop out (DO) from another university because of academic or punishment.
Scholarship applicants aged no more than 25 years.
Faculty applicants must have a recitation Quran Juz 30.

Files that are required
List the value of a diploma / report card last year.
Syahadah husn wa seclusion sirah (certificate of good behavior), preferably from the school of origin. SKCK from police could also be used.
Birth certificate from the relevant authorities.
Health certificate from infectious diseases, issued by official agencies.
6 pieces of photograph size 4 x 6.
Tazkiyah (recommendations) of the first Islamic institution in the country of origin, or of two religious figures known, contains a description of religious obligation and commitment to run and hold fast to the Islamic adab-adab

Daurah Lughawiyah UIM In Gontor

After stopping about eight years, the annual daurah InsyaAllah Islamic University of Medina (UIM) will be held back. This time, who had the privilege to host the Modern Darussalam Ponpes Gontor. Daurah will be attended by 11 lecturers UIM with different scientific backgrounds, led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ibrahim al-'Ubaid - hafizhahullah -. In addition to special daurah to invitations from various educational institutions in Indonesia, will also be held that UIM selection InsyaAllah student admission is open to non-invitation.

Following information:

Daurah Name:

الدورة التدريبية لمعلمي اللغة العربية والثقافة الإسلامية

PM Gontor 2, Madusari, Siman, Ponorogo, East Java.

Time: 21 Shafar - 3 R. Awwal 1431 H (5 -16 February 2010 CE)
Contact the Committee:

1. Secretariat: 0352-311766
2. Sunan Autadz, Lc. : 08125982576
3. Rida Rakhman, S.Pd.I: 085233757525
4. Yadi Nur Alami: 081321437242

Written by Anas Ustad Burhanuddin, Lc., M.A.
Doctoral Programme Students of Islamic University of Medina. (Serambimadinah / ut)

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  1. i am misbawu ishaq from Ghana in kumasi, i am now about to complete Arabic high school but all my dream is to gain my addmission to islamic university of madina through scholarship and i hope by his Grace i will succeed.

  2. i am Anuar Sinal,a Muslim Filipino 31 years of age it is my dream to continue my Islamic knowledge in UIM,, please(100X) Ustad help me.

    here my email add: you can give me info how i can reach UIM.

  3. iam manzoor alam bhutto from pakistan i have completed M.A (islamic studies )from University of Sindh pakistan but all my dream is to gain my addmission to islamic university of madina through scholarship. plz help me .
    manzoor alam bhutto

  4. salamullahi alaikom im,sa'adawi cana from philippines at graduate of dirasah thanawiyah in mahad da'awa qur-aniyah al-karimah 2years from disametime i,study english in a coures of BS-infotech in cotabato city state polytechnich college im,in 3rd year col. but all my dreams is to gain my addmission to islamic university of madina through me...ana talibun ismi sa'adawi cana ba'ada tulo zama-n allazi atamanni an adrus hunak filja-miat madina al-munawwarah ala tariq scholarship minkom wa atamanni da-iman kathira sa-iduni ala hazal ahdaf ila huna shukran salamu alaikom wa hafadhakumollaha hifdhan jayyidah. if you want to reply my massage this is my email :

  5. im a bachelor of social sciencees from tehran university of iran and i am strongly believing and interesting in prophet mohammad sunnah and "towhid", how can i access to the application forms? does the UIM has an website? where can we catch the forms? should we post or submit by web? please guide me, thanks

    my email:

  6. Salam alaekum warahma am Abdulhameed Uthman a Nigerian and currently a student of one of Nigerian universities but still wish to acquire islamic knowledge from this great citadel of learning am currently 23 and you can reach me through any of these e_mails:;;; and my mobile no(2348135306909): may Allah make it possible for me and you to consider my request was Salamu alaekum warahmatuLLahi wabarakatuh

  7. asalamu kalaykum yaa ikhwani i am guled ziad from ethiopia specialy somali region and i am a need of to join your uim university slam, i have adiploma of nurse and i do not know how to get the application of the beloved islamic university of free scholarship. so plz guide me how to get the application and
    my email is

  8. Asalamu Calykum Warahma. I'm Mohamed Sheikh residing in Ohio, USA. I'm a 17 year old currently in my last year of High School and i'm really interested in applying to the Islamic University of Madinah. I'm just a young male trying to gain more knowledge of his deen and succeed in this life and the hereafter. I would gladly appreciate it y'all contacted me. and here's my e-mail

  9. Asalamu Aleykoum, my name is abubakar from London. im 22years old currently studying HND level 5 in business studies. i am going to finish in june. i'm really interested in applying to the Islamic University of Madinah. im just young and i want to gain more knowledge on deen and succeed in this life and the hereafter. here's my e-mail

  10. Aselamu Aleykum ww, my name is Jeilan Awel from Ethiopia.30 years old i have completed reding 30juz qur'an and Bulugul maram, Riyadusualihin and BA degree in Managment studies ,Diploma in Information Technology. i'm really interested in applying to the Islamic University of Madinah. im just want to gain more knowledge on deen and succeed in this life and the hereafter. here's my e-mail

  11. السلام عليكم اسمي عبدالمالك احمد اعيش في صومال معلم القراءن الكريم حلمي هو ان التحق الجامعه ارجو ان تساعدني my e-mail= and my phone is 252634762637

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  13. Dear Sir,
    Assalamu Alaikkum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu.
    I am writing to express my interest in studying islamic studies in your university.My name is Mohamed Thahir Mohamed Dhilshan.I am a 38 year old medical doctor from Sri Lanka.I ve completad Diploma in quranic arabic , a 3 year course in Sri Lanka.From my childhood I am very interested in Da'wa.But fortunately or unfortunately I got in to medical field.I would be grateful if you could kindly consider about my matter & give me a chance.
    I hope to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you very much .Jazakallhu khairan
    Dr.Dhilshan Thahir.
    My e mail.:

  14. Dear Sir,
    Assalamu Alaikkum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu.
    my name is sajath ahamedh
    I am writing to express my interest in studying islamic studies in your university,i'm a 17 years old.I would be grateful if you could kindly consider about my matter & give me a chance.

    Thank you very much .Jazakallhu khairan

  15. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله يا اهل أرض الله المبارك'
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  16. Assalamualaikum waramatuLLahi wabarakatu. My name is Abdulrahman olatyimika Ameen a student of kwara state university in Nigeria studying entrepreneurship. Am currently in my final year. i will be very glad to know more about my deen. i have been able to memorized some portion of the quran to a large extent and will like to go further to be able to propagate the religion of islam. you can email me on or call 08137021290. jazakumullahu khairan as u help

  17. Assalaamullahi Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barokaatuhu
    My names are Khalid Abukhoyr Harun, Just graduated from An Islamic secondary school called "Institute of Arabic and Islamic School" in Nigeria, Alhamdulillah, I have memorized some Juz'u of Holy Mushaful Kareem
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